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William Saunders

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 by in Advisors |

William Saunders



My journey is about sharing knowledge. I believe in passing on knowledge from my past experiences to benefit others. I am a wealth advisor. This photo is of my brother, David, and me out for a golf outing. My brother is also a member of the Equity Concepts team. I enjoy spending my free time in the company of my family, golfing, and skeet shooting.

Who we are: Equity Concepts, LLC is based in Henrico, Virginia, located about 10 miles northwest of Richmond. We were formed in 1991 to help people become the best stewards of what has been entrusted to them by teaching them the truth about money. I serve as the director of wealth management services at Equity Concepts. I focus on transferring knowledge to my clients from my personal experiences and have a history of success in topics including relationship management, financial planning, and operations management.

What we do: We are an independent wealth services firm that specializes in managing the complex financial and risk management needs of families, trusts, and endowments. To increase the likelihood of our success, our relationships are built by providing outstanding value and service today and into the future.

Why we do it: At Equity Concepts, we put the client first. What is important to our clients is important to us. We value understanding; that is why we make things simple and place more emphasis on process rather than product. When our clients understand the concepts we teach, they have a better foundation and more tools to take the rights steps toward financial and personal success.

William Saunders, CFP®, Director of Wealth Management – Equity Concepts, LLC

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