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Cliff Robello

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 by in Advisors |




My journey is about building a firm that is multigenerational. I believe that a firm should not be dependent on one person. I am a succession planner. The next generation of practitioners, owners, and investors will face different challenges than we’ve seen in the past, which is why we are dedicated to a culture of continuous learning. This photo is of our team at CMR Financial Advisors. I am in the center of the photo and to the right of me is my daughter. She is a financial advisor and an integral part of my succession plan along with the rest of the team.

Who we are: CMR Financial Advisors, Inc. is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the “Aloha State.” CMR was founded on the simple, but powerful philosophy – the best interest of the client is the only interest that matters. We guide our clients and their families through prudent financial stewardship to achieve their goals and objectives.

What we do: At CMR Financial Advisors, we believe that life is complex, but solutions can’t be. For this reason, we are committed to finding those solutions to help simplify our clients’ financial lives. Our “Wealth with Simplicity Process” creates customized, personalized, and simple solutions that help clients implement and achieve their goals and objectives. This process has helped our clients create a plan and put it into action.

Why we do it: We hold the role we play for the family in very high regard. Not only do we get to be a part of the family’s legacy of growing and preserving wealth to create security, we also get to help prepare their next generation as well.

Cliff Robello, CFP®, ChFC®, Owner – CMR Financial Advisors, Inc.

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